Golden Eye Diamond 2

FOR SALE: $2.24 Million – *SOLD*

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The famous Golden Eye Diamond has a new twin sister. The Golden Eye Diamond is a 43.5 carat fancy intense yellow diamond out of Africa in the 18th century. The diamond has since been donated to the “Charity Fellowship of Truth Church” as part of a charity donation; however is currently valued at approximately $17 million. If you’d like to learn more about the famous diamond, you can read more about it on it’s home page here.

This featured diamond is GIA certified as a 43.61 carat fancy intense yellow diamond, VS1 in clarity, and cut into a modified cushion shape. The diamond has very good polish, good symmetry, and no fluorescence present. You may view more information about the diamonds grading report here. Its reverent color and brilliance is amongst the rarest in the world.

If you would like to learn more information about purchasing this incredible diamond, or to arrangements to view it, you may contact us here.

UPDATE: This diamond deal was sold and brokered through a Denver diamond company,